Product Questions

How does the ReidSleeve work?

Why is convoluted foam used?

What is the advantage of using the compression gauge?

Do I have to use the compression gauge every time I use the ReidSleeve?

Why is low pressure recommended for treatment with the ReidSleeve?

Why are follow-up visits recommended?

Is the lymphatic system completely obstructed?

What is the best time of day to wear the ReidSleeve?

Can wearing time be reduced?

Can the ReidSleeve be shared between patients?

Can the ReidSleeve be used with other treatments such as MLD, pneumatic pumps and compression stockings?

Is the ReidSleeve covered by insurance?

What is the recommended code for insurance?

Is it possible for patients who have recurrent breast cancer with chest wall involvement/ brachial plexopathy to use the ReidSleeve for symptomatic relief of lymphedema? Would the pressure cause spread of the disease already in the lymphatics? Would increased pressure on the arm risk the breakdown and oozing of scabbed-over l esions already treated with radiotherapy?

In the treatment protocol you describe that a pressure of 15mmHg should be applied to the patients arm by means of the bladder and the compression gauge. How do you know that this is also the pressure that is applied on the patient's skin. Did you do any research in this field. How did you perform the skin pressure measuremen t, what kind of sensors were used?

General Lymphedema Questions

I have been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and have swelling in my feet and ankles is this lymphedema?

Is there any special treatment for an incipient infection at the cuticle of the finger of a lymphedemous upper limb that could avoid a raging cellulitis of the arm?

I have fairly mild lymphedema of my right arm, hand and fingers, which developed 2 years after a mastectomy, node removal and radiation. About 1 month after the lymphedema developed, I noticed bumps developing on my fingers, especially the lower part of my index finger , near my thumb. I also feel small bumps on all the finge rs on the affected limb. What would cause this to happen?

I had a mastectomy with lymph node dissection of the left breast. I have slight swelling in my left arm but I have continuous pain in my arm and left shoulder. I am waiting on the delivery of a compression sleeve at the durable medical office. My question is, can the pain and discomfort be alleviated by use of the compression sleeve or should I be searching for some other reason for the pain?

I have recently had a mastectomy. Is there any information with regard to air travel and Lymphedema? I might need to travel on very long flights, for example, 36 hrs to Europe from Australia. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

My son sprained his ankle and developed ankle edema, the doctor recommended ice therapy, should I consider using ice-packs for treatment of lymphedema.

Is it possible to have lymphedema and not have visible swelling? Following a mastectomy and lymph node dissection my arm and side have been in pain for a 14-months. Doctor said he saw no swelling so no lymphedema. It FEELS like everything inside the arm pit and upper arm is swollen even if it doesn't look like it! Could the R eidSleeve help?

I have edema in my legs and feet, but I generally retain a lot of water anyway. Yesterday, I sprung a leak. Above the knee, inside my thigh, water started dripping out of my leg. It started yesterday morning and is still doing it. I had to put a cloth over it to keep it from getting all over the place. Is this normal? I'm wor ried because it's still doing it. I spent the day with my feet up, hoping that would help. Could you please tell me what this is all about? The hole is very tiny and can hardly be seen.

In 1991, I underwent surgery in my left lower arm near elbow. Whenever I pressed the affected area, it was painful and it was like a cyst. Doctor called it, Hemangioma. It was not cancerous either after undergone biopsy. After two years, in the same area, the cyst like thing is again visible and it was also painful. For the s econd time around, I had an operation. This time, they called it Lymphoma. The 'cyst-like thing' was like a fat. They had it biopsied and it was found negative. Now, after 15 years, there's a swollen area beside the operated one and it is painful whenever I pressed. I noticed also that the skin coloring of the affected one is somewhat lighter than the surrounding skin. I am planning to consult my doctor about this. I am bothered. Is this Lymphedema? I noticed that treatment of this does not require surgery .

Can infections cause Lymphedema?

I have mild lymphedema as a result of mastectomy of the left breast, I would like to know more about the endothelial growth factor applied to lymphogenesis, who is working in that field, and if they are doing human trials?

Is lymphedema the same as edema?

Just what exactly is edema? What causes it?

How soon after surgery does Lymphedema happen? Can it happen years later?

Is lower extremity edema frequently caused by catherization of the femoral vein?